Internal Staff

“I am grateful to be a part of Headstart Group. Not only is the company passionate in education, a field that shapes the future, but it also believes in talents and invests in its staff. At Headstart Group, your talents are truly valued and you can always achieve your full potentials.”

Thomas Au
Research and Development Department

“At Headstart Group, no one works as an individual, we work as a team. The company teaches each and every individual the ability to self-manage, solve problems and understand the business environment. We strive to succeed, we work hard and play hard.”

David Cheung
Educational Services Department

“Since I joined Headstart Group, I have been feeling that my contribution has been recognised and valued. In addition to NET recruitment, I am also helping with the building of the NET community. I am glad that the connection of the company is so wide that I can leverage on it and exert myself to play an important part in it. The company shows respect and support to every staff member.”

Phoebe Kwan
Teacher Recruitment and Allocation Department

“After graduation from university, I started working at Headstart Group as a Marketing Officer. Although I am a fresh graduate and new in the field of marketing, I was entrusted with the challenging but highly fulfilling tasks of leading and implementing them. Working at Headstart Group allows me to build confidence and learn important marketing skills. I have gained much more than I expected.”

Louis Choy
Marketing Department

We are hiring for the following positions


Administration Officer (Teacher allocation)
Teacher Recruitment and Allocation Department

We believe in human capital investment. Human capital investment is the single most important investment that one can make. Our society, our world and our future depend on it. Headstart Group Ltd. is dedicated to playing an important role in this critical task of educating our fellow human beings.

Administration Officer
Quality Management Department

We are looking to fill a position in the Quality Management Department (QMD). One important function of the QMD is to manage and monitor the quality of the teaching team. We have to be accountable to our clients and our students, teacher quality is of paramount importance.