Kindergarten programmes focus on building young learners’ interest in learning English. They do so by incorporating a lot of fun-filled and interactive activities in the lessons. Even Cambridge Pre-starters, an exam-oriented programme makes use of games and songs to help students learn. Waterford Early Reading Programme is well-liked by kindergartens because of its 8,000 stimulating and fun online learning exercises.
Waterford Early Reading Programme – Classroom Advantage & After-school English Programmes for Kindergartens 2018-2019
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English Wonderland

English Wonderland is the most popular kindergarten programme offered by the Headstart Group. There are 3 levels, catering for K1, K2 and K3 students. The programmes are well-sequenced to facilitate scaffolding. The lessons are theme-based and well-structured to cover concept learning; practical activities; songs, arts and crafts; and social skills development. They aim to help students develop a strong foundation in English and prepare them for an excellent start in their life long journey of learning.

Programme Objectives

  • Give students an all-round English exposure
  • Help students build a solid foundation in English
  • Foster students’ love for learning English

Cambridge Young Learners English Test Programmes


Headstart Group’s examination preparation programmes have a track record of successes. Our students across all age groups are proud to have received top results throughout the years. Cambridge Pre-Starters aims to give young students a head start in their preparation for the Cambridge Starters examination. It aims to give students a solid foundation in their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through tasks and activities that correspond to the Cambridge Starters’ curriculum. While this is an examination-oriented programme, our specially-designed materials stress on fun learning and include many interactive activities such as friendly competition, spelling games and acting out.


Since April 2015, students as young as four years old can register to sit the Cambridge Starters examination. Our Cambridge Starters programme prepares K2 and K3 students for such examination. It covers Cambridge Starters’ vocabulary, question types and test formats so that students are well-equipped and therefore, able to achieve the highest number of shields. Lessons are divided into Skills Development and Knowledge Acquisition, Mock Tests and Revision. Each section plays its part in helping students become confident and perform at an excellent level in the examination. The programme make use of tailor-made and specially designed examination-oriented textbooks.

Programme Objectives

  • Familiarise students with Cambridge examination formats and structures
  • Expose students to vocabulary and questions that will appear in the Cambridge examination
  • Strengthen students’ confidence in taking the examination

Headstart Group is pleased to be awarded the Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre 2017-2018 certificate by the Cambridge English Language Assessment in recognition of its role in preparing and registering students for the Cambrdige examinations.


a) Phonics Paradise

Phonic Paradise is well-structured to cater for K1 to K3 students. For K1 students, it adopts a soft and gentle approach. The programme teaches young students key phonics sounds; this helps them master the letter-sound matching which in many instances, could be confusing. The programme makes the best of rhyming poems, stories and songs to make learning phonics fun and interesting.

For K2 and K3 students, the programme covers fundamental vowels and consonants. It provides a lot of reading materials for students to practice the sounds and to differentiate similar sounds. Fun activities, songs and rhymes will make the lessons enjoyable.

Programme Objectives

  • Help students develop a strong foundation in phonics
  • Enlarge student’s vocabulary
  • Improve students’ English pronunciation and spelling ability

a) Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics is one of the popular phonics programmes in Hong Kong. It adopts a synthetic phonics approach. With actions for each of the 42 letter sounds, Jolly Phonics is a lively and engaging programme for students. In this programme, teachers will make use of Jolly Phonics materials and resources, and supplement them with Headstart’s additional content. Having been built upon a well-established system, this programme is well-tried and tested. However, it is also tailor-made and fully flexible to bring the best learning outcome for our students.

Programme Objectives

  • Teach students the 42 main letter sounds
  • Help students identify the main letter sounds in assigned words through blending and segmenting
  • Expose students to tricky words which have irregular spellings


Dramarama is a fun and action-oriented programme designed for K2 and K3 students. They will listen to interesting stories, learn to recite scripts and act out a play or a drama. Students will employ body language, facial expressions and voices to perform. This programme will stimulate students’ creativity and nurture their talent in performing arts.

Programme Objectives

  • Nurture students’ acting talent
  • Develop students’ awareness of non-verbal communication
  • Sow seeds for creativity in students

Little Smart STEM Kids

STEM education has become integral in nurturing our future generation in this world of rapid scientific and technological advances. Our Little Smart STEM Kids programme integrates English education and STEM education. It focuses on inquiry, hands-on activities and collaborative learning. In each themed lesson, students will learn vocabulary, listen to related stories, watch videos and carry out a simple but inspiring STEM activity. Making good use of the age-appropriate material kit, each student is guaranteed a fun, stimulating and, above all, deeply experiential learning opportunity which will lay a strong foundation for their scientific thinking and spark an inquisitive mind which will proof to be extremely useful in their lifelong journey of learning.

Programme Objectives

  • Arouse students’ interest in science and technology
  • Develop students’ problem solving and logical thinking skills
  • Enable students to use English to acquire knowledge

Other Programmes

a) Fun Fun English

Students learn best through fun activities! Fun Fun English is a fun-filled, activity based programme that aims to arouse a lifelong interest in learning English amongst young students. Each lesson is carefully designed with a specific theme and related activities that allow student not only to learn the English language but also to develop social skills. Activities include snack making, arts and crafts, singing and magic show.

b) Magical Storytelling

Young students love listening to stories! They can identify with the characters. They want to know what happened to them and want to guess how the story ends. Through stories, students learn and experience different kinds of emotions, become creative and imaginative, and learn English in an informal but very effective way. This programme provides young students the joy of story reading and story telling. Students will make finger puppets, re-tell stories and act them out. It is totally fun and engaging!

c) Speakperfect

Teach our young students the relevant vocabulary, provide them with examples and give them the right opportunity, they will shine and become fluent English speakers! Speakperfect is all about learning to speak well by having the right speaking activities. Vocabulary and sentences will be organised under themes. Multimedia teaching materials will enrich the lessons and make the learning experience fun, dynamic and highly charged with energy.

d) Let’s Sing and Dance

Young students enjoy singing and dancing! Let’s Sing and Dance creates a joyful environment for them to bask in action and learning. They will learn, sing and dance to English rhymes and popular classical songs, such the title songs of Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz. This programme engages students in music and movement and will help the development of their big muscle, body control and coordination.