NET Recruitment and Management Services




An institution is only as good as its people; everything begins and ends with people. Headstart Group truly recognises the critical value of its teachers. Our Quality Management Division is entrusted with the important task of building the best NET team in Hong Kong! With that in mind, we are here for one and only one purpose – to serve you, your school and your students.

Recruitment Process


Our Guarantee


NET Sourcing

We work with overseas partners, particularly in the UK to directly employ suitable applicants to join our network of NETs. For successful applicants, we offer extensive remuneration package and support, ensuring our NETs enjoy their stay in HK and can dedicate to their job.

We offer our NETs:

  • Visa sponsorship
  • Return airfare
  • Accommodation package
  • Overtime payment
  • Summer work package
  • Comprehensive 2 weeks orientation and continuous training programme
  • Career path guidance and support
  • Social network connection and community participation
  • Opportunity for career advancement to HKSAR Native English-speaking teacher (NET) Scheme

NET Recruitment and Performance Management

Quality Management Department is responsible for managing the performance of the NET team. We adopt a management system “NET Performance Management System” which encompasses the steps of Client Briefing, Regular Monitoring, Continuous Training and Care and Share.

Initial screening and interview

Initial screening entails careful vetting of curriculum vitaes. We shortlist individuals who have the appropriate qualification, relevant teaching experience and have demonstrated consistent and positive work habit. Interviews will be conducted either overseas with our overseas partners or in Hong Kong. We take great length to assess candidates’ sense of responsibility, passion for teaching and level of positive energy.


Preparation for School Interview and Selection

Based on the school’s requirement, potential teachers will be given information on the detailed roles and expectations of the teaching position as well as information on the school culture and background. Further support and relevant resources will also be provided to ensure potential teachers are well equipped for the school’s stringent selection process.

NET Performance Management

Quality Management Division is responsible for managing the performance of our NET team. We adopt a comprehensive “NET Performance Management System” which encompasses the steps of orientation and training, ongoing performance monitoring, and Care and Share.

Orientation and Training

School Briefing and Orientation

School briefing and orientation is a crucial part of NET recruitment. Once candidates pass the stringent recruitment process and visa application is in progress, they will start receiving orientation and training.

Continuous Training
Continuous training is an important part of our NET Performance Management System. Headstart NETs are invited to join the free monthly training to constantly upgrade their
teaching skills.
Regular Monitoring
To ensure our NETs provide the highest quality teaching service and to contribute to the success of the school, we carry out a regular process of
a) recognising and encouraging good performance
b) class observation to identify areas for improvement
c) offering feedback and suggestions for improvement
d) diligent follow up

Care and Share

At Headstart Group, we sincerely care about each member of our NET team. On a regular basis, we organise meet-ups, parties, fun sports days and charity events through which we develop camaraderie and friendship.


Overall Quality Control

Headstart Group is committed to providing services of an excellent standard to all our schools. We carry out quality assurance steps and procedures strictly to ensure that our quality control system is implemented effectively.
Quality control

Student Evaluation (Summer 2016)

Student Evaluation on Materials

Overall Rating by Students

The materials suited my needs.
The materials were interesting.
I am satisfied with the performance of the NET.
I am satisfied with the programme and I shall recommend it to my fellow students.