S.T.E.M.: How Singapore applies Science and Technology in shaping the nation’s environment

Singapore is positioned as a center for technology, design and innovation. The tour is designed to let students see and experience how Singapore leverages on technology to solve national issues relating to water and land constraints. The tour will showcase Singapore’s forward urban development concepts and demonstrate how careful planning is required to preserve cultural diversity and to integrate nature into the urban landscape.

During the tour, students will be encouraged to look at the world from different perspectives and their thoughts will be challenged. There will be many opportunities for hands-on experience with the latest technology.

Learning Themes

  • City Planning and Design
    Students will learn how Singapore is able to integrate nature and technology with rapid urban development to achieve a high standard of modern living
  • Water Technology
    Understand the different methods Singapore uses, in particular the use of new technology to overcome challenges posed by water demand
  • Urban Farming
    Discover how Singapore adopts new urban farming techniques to provide future methods of urban food production
  • Digital Media and Story Telling
    Students will produce their own video presentation detailing their learning journey and through the process develop creativity and storytelling skills
  • Drone Technology
    Students will be taught the science behind drones and have opportunity to pilot them
  • Prototyping
    Students will learn how technologies like 3D printing are used in new product design and rapid prototyping

Main Outing and Activities

  • Understanding Singapore’s urban landscape, urban planning philosophy and heritage preservation at the Urban Redevelopment Authority
  • Learn the heritage and the architects behind Singapore’s development, view art and design thinking concepts at the Singapore National Design Centre.
  • Bask in the emanating youthful vibes at Bugis Street, provide students with a glimpse of the leisure life of an average Singaporean teen
  • Exchange programme with tertiary students at Ngee Ann Polytechnic University with hands on 3D modeling and design using Autodesk Tinker CAD, campus and S.T.E.M. departments tour
  • Learn about Desalination Technology at NEWater Treatment Plant and NEWater Visitor Centre
  • Kallang Water Way kayaking and waterway survey experience
  • Journey through the Gardens by the Bay and learn how to balance city and nature with technology, with Night Trek and picnic at Super Tree Grove
  • Explore urban farming technology with food Science and Technology lesson and cooking workshop at Citizen Farm
  • Explore ocean technology at S.E.A. Aquarium in Sentosa with Crane Dance night show
  • Drone design and piloting class with group drone video footage to be shot at strategic drone approved fly zones
  • Learn application on media creation and editing, video presentation and broadcasting on preferred social media channels