English for Academic Purpose Programme

English for Academic Purpose (EAP) Programmes are ‘serious’ but also fun. We know our students can visit UK themselves, with parents or friends. We also know they can explore the many museums, parks and landmarks on their own or with tour guides.

Therefore, when they join our study tour, we want them to gain more than just pictures in front of places and locations. We want them to take home real benefits in terms of English learning.

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Young Scholars: Early Starters
(P.3 – P.6 students)

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Young Scholars: High Achievers
(S.1 – S.3 students)

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Young Scholars: Future Leaders
(S.3 – S.6 students)

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Experiential Learning Programme

Unlike EAP Programmes, Experiential Learning Programme (ELP) mixes fun, cultural immersion and academic learning. It puts less emphasis on academic improvement. Students will gain a positive experience living in London with host families, visiting sites and popular landmarks while learning English in an authentic environment.


Young Learners: UK Culturademic+
(Primary & Secondary school students)

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Closed and Open Programmes

UK is one of the most popular and well-visited locations in the world for study tours. Well-run centres are in particularly high demand. Therefore, students have the option to come as a closed group or to join groups of international students to enhance their UK experience, afterall, UK is one of the most culturally diverse nation in the world.


Students form into an exclusive cohort, not accepting other students.

• Students know each other and are comfortable interacting with each other.

• Schedule is more customized with more customized contents.

• Students come from the same cultural background, little adaptation needed.

• Rapport within the group will be strong, facilitating more conducive learning.

• More introspective learning environment.


Students join an existing group of students which allow everybody to join.

• Give students the opportunity to interact with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and make international friends.

• Pre-designed schedule and content with maximizing benefits for all in mind.

• Students from diversed background come to learn together, ability to adapt will be strengthened.

• Maximise students’ chance of using English.

• Students will be exposed to many varieties of English and a wide range of accents.

• More authentic learning environment.



We have been operating summer centres at a number of different sites for many years now. Typically these will be university or college campuses and traditional boarding schools and when their regular students go home during the summer months in July and August, we takes up residency there to deliver a number of residential summer camps.The characteristics and facilities will vary from centre to centre, but students can be assured that all of our premises meet our very high standards and have undergone very rigorous risk assessments and inspections, and we have a year-round team in place to manage and develop our summer centres and programmes.

Benefit of residential centres:
  • More opportunity to use English.
  • There is a greater motivation to speak English because the students must use the language to make friends with others who share common interests.
  • Students from many different countries and cultures mix together and benefit by becoming more ‘international’.
  • A wide range of facilities onsite. In accordance with British Council guidelines and each centre’s own welfare policies.
  • A more controlled and supervised setting, with 24 hours onsite Staff who live at the residence, alongside a centre manager, academic manager and activities manager available at any time to provide assistance and guidance.
  • Students will have a chance to experience a more ‘global English’ which may be more relevant in today’s world.
Students will have:
  • Each house has its own lounge, common room with entertainment options and kitchenette.
  • Single bedrooms or shared dormitory-style bedrooms with plenty of space and a work area.
  • Breakfast, lunch and evening meal, or a packed lunch will be provided when students are off-site taking part in an excursion.
  • Private bathroom or shared bathroom depending on room type.
  • Dedicated members of staff based onsite.
  • Their bedroom on a corridor with other students of a similar age and of the same gender, locked at night for their safety and security.
  • Wi-fi access.

Graduation Pack

Course Certificate

Upon completing the programme, students will be awarded with aa certificate, which outlines the programme they studied on . This will be presented to them on the last day of the programme during the graduation ceremony.

Academic Report

Students will also be given an academic report which highlights the programme they studied on, their attendance and their strengths. This will be presented on the last day with their certificate.


During the programme, our students will do a number of different projects and be asked to create some pieces of work. These might be written pieces and vlogs. We will collate these and create a portfolio or an e-magazine, which they can take home and show their parents.


The study tour package includes:

  • Directly flight between Hong Kong and London including taxes and fuel surcharges
  • Transportation, sightseeing, activities, meals and accommodation expenses
  • English lessons and lesson materials
  • The service charges for the escort, staff and drivers
  • Travel insurance
  • Tour completion report and certificate
  • Pre-departure briefing
Travel insurance provides varies coverages such as medical, tour cancellation, loss of items etc. and it is highly recommended. All Headstart Group study tour has included travel insurance in the package but students can purchase additional insurance if needed.
UK entry visa is not required for HKSAR Passport and British National Overseas (BNO) for a stay up to 180 days. Requirement of visa may vary for other passports so please ensure to check with corresponding authorities after enrolment of tour and apply an entry visa before travel. It is the applicant’s liability to any losses caused by the invalidity of traveling documents and thus no refund will be made.
All residential accommodation are managed by one of Headstart Group trained and experienced accommodation and welfare managers. We ensure that we adhere all strict internal policies and procedures and the protocols of the UK Child Protection Act.
We aim to ensure that all students are in the safest possible hands. We have been delivering programmes to young people in central London for many years now, and we ensure that full risk assessments are carried out prior to all excursions.
We strongly advise that parents take out travel insurance policies that cover medical costs incurred in the UK. If a student is taken ill in the UK, we will do everything in our power to ensure that the student received medical attention as soon as possible. We will support the group leader in ensuring the student is taken to a local doctor or an Accident and Emergency department at a hospital depending on the circumstances.
Parents are advised that our programmes include all entrance and local travel, and that students will only be required to bring pocket money with them for any souvenirs and snacks. The pocket money should be in cash only. Headstart group cannot be held responsible for any money lost during the programme.
Students must be accompanied at all times, and are not allowed to leave the college premises unaccompanied at any time, either during the programme or at the beginning or end of the programme. Also, students are not allowed to access certain college facilities e.g. swimming pool, fitness suite, without staff guidance.
Headstart group offers a full programme of daytime and evening activities outside of lesson time, and in order to benefit fully from this programme, we recommend students adhere to the programme. Hence, students are not allowed to meet up family members or friends and vice versa. Furthermore, students are not allowed to stay behind after completion of the tour.
Yes, we are happy to receive rooming requests for residential programmes and this must be specified on enrolment. In addition, we will also require any special dietary requirements and allergy/medication information on enrolment.