Many of the 2019 primary school post-exam and summer programmes are completely NEW and ACTION PACKED! There are 5 outdoor destinations, 3 STEAM workshops, a 5-day camp filled with life-wide educational activities covering art, sports, music and drama, mental challenge and language.

They will be led by teachers whose first language is English and who are graduates and students from top universities from English speaking countries.

Our teachers are fun, energetic and excellent at connecting with young students. Let your students play, learn and enjoy this summer with Headstart!

Primary School 2019 Post-exam and Summer Programmes
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Grant Scheme on Promoting Effective English Language Learning in Primary Schools (PEEGS)

The Grant Scheme on Promoting Effective English Language Learning in Primary Schools is launched by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) in the 2017/18 school year. Headstart Group has specially designed a series of programmes and corresponding services to support and assist primary schools to develop and implement school-based English enhancement measures.

To find out more about PEEGS and Headstart’s PEEGS service, please visit our PEEGS home page.

PEEGS Home Page

Summer STEAM Programmes NEW!

A lot has been said about why our primary school students need to have STEAM education!

In the summer of 2018, we are proud to introduce THREE interesting, practical and challenging STEAM programmes. These 15-hour hands-on and projectbased STEAM programmes focus on developing critical and divergent thinking, communication and problemsolving skills, appreciation of cooperation and collaboration.

Programme A: A City that Never Sleeps

In modern days, only with electricity can our city operate properly. This programme focuses on electricity and its application. Basic concepts about electricity, conduction and circuits will be introduced. Students will design their own city and light it up with copper foil tape, squishy circuits and conductive ink.


  • To understand and apply the concepts of electricity and conduction
  • To create closed circuits
  • To design a miniature city with different materials

Programme B: 3D Bridges

Integrating 3D printing and the teaching of physics, arch and tension, this programme facilitates application of technology to tackle real-life problems. Throughout this programme, lessons are united by a mission to construct bridges for a city, in which students will use 3D printing pens to accomplish different tasks.


  • To understand and apply the concepts of dimensions
  • To analyse problems and to come up with solutions
  • To be creative and create objects
  • To make objects based on analysis and to develop the abilities to modify and improve them

Programme C: Lemonade for Sale

In this programme, students will learn to set up their lemonade stand through which they will develop knowledge about business operations and transactions. This programme also emphases role play to enhance students’ abilities to speak in English.


  • To understand and apply the concepts of transaction
  • To apply creativity and design a lemonade stand
  • Through role play, to immerse in dialogues

English Language Enhancement Programmes

Headstart Group is dedicated to bringing the best English lessons for summer 2018. Our English Language Enhancement Programmes encompass a wide spectrum of examinationoriented programmes, phonics, drama and experiential fun day programmes. Taking advantage of Headstart Group’s 12 years of successful English teaching at primary level, these programmes are fully supported by well-structured and meticulously-designed lesson materials. Our native-speaking English teachers are experienced in teaching English and are enthusiastic and excited about teaching our young students.

Intensive CambridgePreparation Programmes
Starters, Movers and Flyers (P2 to P6)

They are 15 lessons long, each lasting 1.5 hours or 10 lessons long, each lasting 2 hours.

These programmes cover the vocabulary, all the question types and the test formats that will appear in the respective YLETs. There will also be two mock tests which give students the taste of the real tests. A supplementary vocabulary book will be distributed to provide additional learning support.

These programmes use tailor-made textbooks which are specially developed for the summer programmes. They aim to prepare students for the tests and to help them develop skills and confidence to achieve the best test results. These programmes are suitable for incoming P2 to P6 students who wish to sit for the tests during the summer holiday.

Headstart Group is pleased to be awarded the Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre 2017-2018 certificate by the Cambridge English Language Assessment in recognition of its role in preparing and registering students for the Cambrdige examinations.

Phonics for Young Learners
P1 – P3

Phonics for Young Learners is most suitable for P1 to P3 students. It aims to help students develop a strong foundation in phonics skills so that they will be well prepared for their studies in primary schools. It starts with phonological awareness then, teaching of key vowels and consonants. It is a systematic phonics programme yet filled with activities, games and songs.

Summer Drama
P1 – P3

Summer Drama is a fun, immersive and action-oriented programme specially designed for P1 to P3 students. It is developed to inspire students’ creativity, interest in self expression and performing art. The programme also aims to help students build selfconfidence and self-awareness.

Fun Day and Camp

Whole Day or Half Day

Students learn best when they are having fun. Fun Day and Camp provide the best opportunities for students to experience the joy of learning English outside the classroom. These activities can be carried out at school or at outside locations. They are theme-based, designed with relevant, hands-on and engaging activities.They can be organised as game booths or visits to landmarks and locations which students may not normally get to go. Appropriate worksheets will be assigned to enhance learning.

English Skill Building Programmes

Read n Learn

This programme focuses on the fun of reading. Students will learn to talk about setting, characters, plot, climax and ending. They will be exposed to different genres and learn vocabulary too.

Writing Enhancement

Good writing skills need to be developed. This programme teaches students the important writing skills to help make their writing well-organised and interesting. Students will also learn to use good word choice.

Interview Skills

Good writing skills need to be developed. This programme teaches students the important writing skills to help make their writing well-organised and interesting. Students will also learn to use good word choice.

Playtime 123

The Playtime 123 programme ensures a fun and full-immersive environment for P1-P2 students to learn in. Anchored firmly in games, hands-on activities and role play, it is designed to hone each student’s intelligence, independence and creativity in a holistic fashion. Not only does this provide the key to language proficiency, it also prepares students for progression through each stage of primary school life, ensuring that they hit every milestone with ease.

Speakperfect for Pre-P1

This speaking programme aims to enhance pre-p1 students’ speaking skills so that
they develop confidence in communicating with their fellow students on a daily basis when they enter their primary school. They will be engaged in many interactive and fun speaking games.

Grammar Builder

This programme is for all grades. It aims to improve students’ grammar and help them write better. Teacher will provide thorough explanation on common errors and students will engage in grammar exercises.