Summer Springboard for Secondary Schools provides an excellent variety of English programmes for secondary school students to make the best use of summer while having fun. Bridging programmes which support primary 6 students’ transition into secondary schools are the most popular. Examination preparation programmes are also in high demand. Other programmes include English day camp, drama and speaking-focused training.
Summer Springboard for Secondary Schools 2018 Catalogue
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Pre-S1 Bridging Programme

Time Travel in the Summer of 2018 NEW!

This futuristic theme kneads together a comprehensive variety of English lessons with language across the curriculum (LAC) subjects through the smart concept of TIME TRAVEL. By stepping onboard a ‘time machine’ over the course of the summer bridging programme, students will be grouped and ‘transported’ to different times and locations, from the past to the future in a very different world, completing fun task and objectives. One key highlight of this programme is the TIME CAPSULE, which students will create and eventually unearth – an exercise which facilitates students’ active participation and supports bond building and feeling for their school.

Parallel between ‘time travel’ destinations and LAC subjects

  • Ancient Arabia and the origin of numerals – LAC for Mathematics
  • Ancient Egypt and the birth of great civilisations — LAC for History and Geography
  • Laboratory on the time machine – LAC for Science, Technology and Computer Literacy
  • Renaissance-era Europe — LAC on History, Geography, and Arts
  • Hong Kong 100 years from now — LAC on Integrated Humanity

English Bridging Programme/
Cross-curricular Bridging Programme

Bridging Programmes consist of two strands: English Bridging Programme and Cross-curricular Bridging Programme. The former covers the four language skills and selected NSS modules whereas the latter focuses on teaching academic subjects using English. These programmes prepare incoming secondary students for the vigorous study of English as a subject and familiarise them with English as a medium of instruction.


  • School Orientation
  • Four Language Skills
  • Language Art
  • Practical Skills
  • E-learning

HKDSE Preparation Programme

HKDSE Preparation Programme
(S.4 to S.6 students)

This programme has one paramount objective and that is to prepare students for the HKDSE examination. Students will work on examinationoriented materials and learn how to answer questions effectively. Emphasis will be placed on honing the examination techniques as well as the corresponding subject knowledge.

Enhancement and Remedial Programmes for Four Skills

Advanced Phonics
(S.1 to S.5 students)

Advanced Phonics provides an excellent opportunity for students to revise their knowledge on phonics. They will re-learn blends, digraphs and dipthongs and the many important exceptions. Engagement in the reader’s theatre enables students to build confidence in reading aloud and to practice good pronunciation.

Speaking and Debate
(S.1 to S.5 students)

Speaking and Debate challenges and trains students to be eloquent and effective public speakers and debaters. Students will learn the skills and techniques required for these two special forms of presentation and their respective elements. Students will also develop confidence and flair and can impressively represent their schools in important occasions.

Reading and Writing
(S.1 to S.5 students)

Reading and Writing provides students many opportunities to engage in reading comprehension practices. They will learn useful reading comprehension strategies and become an effective reader. Such strategies include finding topic sentences, referencing, inferencing, skimming, scanning and reading between the lines.

Summer Day Camp and Fun Day

Summer Day Camp and Fun Day
(S.1 to S.4 students)

Students learn best when they are having fun! Summer Day Camp and Fun Day provide the best opportunities for students to experience the joy of learning English and appreciate its relevance and usefulness. For day camps, students will visit Hong Kong landmarks and interesting facilities which they may not usually get the chance to go. Detailed worksheets and corresponding hands-on tasks will be prepared to enhance learning.

Fun Days can be held at school or at an outside venue. They are organised to focus on themes or specific areas of studies. They are fun, action-oriented and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the students.

Other English Summer Programmes

English Ambassador
(S.1 to S.5 students)

English Ambassador develops students to be goodwill promoters of English. Students will learn to organise English events and activities and to promote English communication among students. They will be groomed to be effective and helpful assistants for the English department.

English and STEM
(S.1 to S.5 students)

Headstart Group endeavours to provide excellent English educational support to HK schools. We are committed to supporting STEM education through enhancing our students’ English language ability. Many major developments in the fields of science, technology and engineering originated from English speaking countries. International and world-class conferences and symposiums in academia and trade are conducted in English. It will serve our students well to be eloquent presenters of their innovations.

Summer Drama
(S.1 to S.5 students)

Summer Drama provides students an opportunity to learn script writing, script reading and all the key elements of drama while improving their English speaking skills. This programme helps students build confidence in self-expression and nurture creativity and interest in performing art.

Grammar and Writing
(S.1 to S.5 students)

Grammar and Writing starts with asking students to correct a few short essays to evaluate what students are having troubles with. The programme then proceeds with teaching the full range of grammar rules and give students plenty of opportunities to practice what they have learned.