What is Waterford?

Waterford Early Learning™ is a research-based, truly personalised English learning system.

It is specially designed for children aged 2 to 8 years old. It incorporates the 5 reading instructional strands – phonics, phonological awareness, language concept, comprehension & vocabulary, and fluency – found by the US National Reading Panel in 2000 to be the critical instructions for developing early literacy skills in children’s prime language learning period.

Waterford Early Learning consists of more than 4000 interactive activities, 280 animated songs and rhymes, and 237 well-designed and colourful readers. Through Waterford Early Learning, children learn phonics, grammar, comprehension and vocabulary at home, while having fun.

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How It Works

Waterford Early Learning™ is specially designed to help young learners aged 2 to 8 develop early literacy skills to pave way for their future academic success.

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5 Content Strands


Waterford Institute has been at the forefront of advanced educational technology for 40 years. It has adopted the 5 instructional strands found by the US National Reading Panel in 2000 as the critical instructional strands to develop early literacy skills.


237 Readers, 280 Songs, 4000+ Interactive Activities

Interactive Readers
Waterford Early Learning™ contains 237 interactive e-books and physical readers to engage learners and to teach reading strategies and vocabulary. Learners will listen to rhymes, phonics-coded readers, traditional tales and more. Readers are divided into 3 levels and each reader is sequenced by an ‘Achievement Index’ so parents can select the appropriate reader and read with their children to further strengthen their reading interest.
Animated Songs and Rhymes
Waterford Early Learning™ is filled with melodic and colourful songs and rhymes to enhance learners’ enjoyment in learning. They are also designed to introduce learning objectives, phonics and punctuation marks in a fun and memorable way. Parents often see their children singing songs and moving to the beat of the songs they hear.
Interactive Games and Activities
Waterford Early Learning™ comprises more than 4,000 fun and interesting interactive games and activities. They are developed to teach learning objectives, to instruct and to let learners practice what they have learnt. Some of these activities are pre-assessments and post-assessments to evaluate whether a learner has mastered an objective before moving to another. Some of the demonstration activities are shown below.

Awards and Accolades

Waterford Institute has been at the forefront of advanced educational technology. Through the years, it has invested more than US$135million in upgrading and enhancing its learning system. Waterfored Early Learning™ has received an admirable list of awards from magazines, academic associations, educational and technological symposiums. Some of them are listed below.
PCM Magazine ”eKids Distinguish Award“
International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Best of Show
Academics’ Choice, Smart Media Award for Mind-Building Excellence
Colorado Department of Education, Waterford Reading Approved for Colorado’ s READ Act
Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), CODIE Finalist in three categories
Parents for Choice in Education, Company of the Year
Mom’s Choice Awards, Gold award recipient
SIIA Intel Learning Series Social Responsibility Award
SIIA Innovation Incubator, Top Product
SIIA Best Classroom Management Solution & Best Science Instructional Solution
TechLearning Award of Excellence Best Educational Software
SIIA CODiE Award, Best Elementary Education Program for Mental Math
TechnLearningAward of Excellence for Mental Math

Words From People Who Know

Principal Lin from Pui Kin Primary School
Principal Suen from Chinese YMCA Primary School
Principal Chu from Chinese YMCA Kindergarten


Instruction Level 1 Letter Sound a
Song Level 1 Show n Tell Sound Song
Book Level 1 The Germs
Instruction Level 1 Decodable Book Sam

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