About Us


Words from CEO


Founded in 2006, Headstart Group Ltd. aspires to make an impact on the most important industry in the world – education. ‘Never compromise on quality’ is the pledge which represents the bedrock of the company’s strong corporate culture. Everyday, hardworking and dedicated professionals at Headstart put their hearts and souls into their work, knowing that we are touching the lives of many individuals who will build, shape and mold the future yet to come.

Headstart Group Ltd.’s clients range from kindergartens to tertiary institutions. Our students range from preschoolers to young adults, parents to teachers. Teaching approaches vary from traditional face-to-face, classroom oriented to online technology-driven. Headstart Group Ltd. understands the challenges that our clients are facing in the modern world. To add value to our clients, we ought to innovate, take bold steps and embrace possibilities made available by continuous advancement of educational technologies. Yet we remind ourselves to recognise and celebrate the power of human touch, the imaginations that are set free by inspirational words of a passionate teacher, the true and deep human connectivity cultivated through face-to-face interaction.

For our students, clients and the world, Headstart Group Ltd. strives to be an outstanding organization!

Dannie Hongchoy
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director