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Education means the world to us, if it means the world to you too, please join us.

Together we will change the world.

A career that fits your calling

Passionate teachers. Quality assurers. Curriculum planners. Project leaders. Client servicers. Business builders. Company administrators. Put your talents to use where your work is truly meaningful and purposeful now and into the future.

Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, we welcome you to join Headstart Group and begin a challenging and rewarding next step in your career.

Our Culture, Your Life

At Headstart Group, we believe in working hard and playing hard. We believe in putting in 150% and getting 300% back, via skills gained, experienced collected, and live a life that answers your calling. Our company thrives in the open, trusting and respectful culture. We scorn at company politics and truly believe in collaboration, team work and total alignment with company goals. We are innovative in our thinking. We embrace gender diversity and inclusion. We practice home office and accepts flexibility in working hours. We offer mentorship and coaching so you are nurtured and groomed to be a true headstarter.

Meet Our People

“The Education sector can be difficult at times, but collaborating with Headstart Group makes all the difference. Passion for student outcomes and for the industry underlie everything they do. Working with them continues to be a pleasure, and is a highlight of my professional career in Hong Kong.”

Andrew John Dyka
Headstart NET

Join Us as a NET

“It is an interesting position being a teaching assistant at Headstart Group. I enjoy being a partner of the NETs in the classroom. Seeing how students learn and absorb knowledge is most enjoyable and motivational. My experience at Headstart Group has inspired me to seriously consider entering the education field.”

Stephanie Cheung
Teaching Assistant

Become a Teaching Assistant

“Since I joined Headstart Group, I have been feeling that my contribution has been recognised and valued. In addition to NET recruitment, I am also helping with the building of the NET community. I am glad that the connection of the company is so wide that I can leverage on it and exert myself to play an important part in it. The company shows respect and support to every staff member.”

Phoebe Kwan
Teacher Recruitment and Allocation Department

Join Our Team

“Headstart is an energetic organization with great passion on Education. It was a valuable experience to work in Headstart; there were new challenges every day. The programme not only provided me hands-on experiences to work on multiple aspects, such as administrations, evaluations and organization; it also facilitated English communications throughout the whole period.”

Matthew Lee
Intern 2017 alumnus

2021 Summer Internship