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We have a group of 740 Native-speaking English teachers (NETs) working with us. This group of teachers is made of many different nationalities from around the world and we are proud to have them in our employ. At Headstart we promote and reward our NETs’ self-improvement and encourage them to do all that they can to take the next step on their teaching path. We run monthly training seminars for teachers on the newest and most innovative methods of delivery in the classroom to ensure they can give the best service to our schools and our students.

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Comments from Our Overseas NETs

Aleksandra Kashina
Aleksandra Kashina

Headstart Group offered a lot of valuable advice…

Headstart Group provided me with full support during the recruitment period. Even though I was not in Hong Kong and had no possibility to be present during the interview with my school, it managed to organise the interview via skype taking into consideration the time difference between HK and my country. After I got the school’s offer Headstart Group provided me with very detailed information about my school’s daily life and the duties i was going to have. So, when I started to work I was fully aware of what my normal school day is going to look like.Before finding the school for me, Headstart Group offered a lot of valuable advice on how to improve my resume and it helped me a lot.

All in all, whenever I had questions or doubts, whether they were about working or living in HK, Headstart Group was available 24/7 to answer all of my questions and provide me with most practical support.

Our final decision was based on Headstart Group’s professionalism.

Moving to another continent can be hectic and challenging, both emotionally and financially. From the beginning of our contact with Headstart Group we had the feeling that they ‘got our back’. Before we chose to work with them we did our research and considered all the available options. a They gave us the impression that they are very experienced in the area of education.

Apart from that their staff is approachable, friendly and available at any time we need their support, its CEO Dannie is such an amazing person, who stays in close contact with the employees and does her best for our well being. I would definitely recommend them especially to people who are about to work and live abroad for the first time and not just for the cool office parties. It is a pleasure to be a part of the huge wholehearted Headstart family.

I would definitely recommend Headstart Group especially to people who are about to work and live abroad for the first time…

Stanimira Trifonova
Stanimira Trifonova
Stefano Leonardi
Stefano Leonardi

The communication with Headstart Group is very efficient and everybody working there is detail-minded and very helpful!

My experience with Headstart Group has been great. Getting successfully recruited from overseas was a very difficult process but they were always there to help me with the documents, to answer my questions and, most importantly, to support me. When I arrived in Hong Kong they made me feel very welcomed and I had very valuable training! The communication with the company is very efficient and everybody working there is detail minded and very helpful! Whenever I need something I know I can count on them.

Headstart Group has exceeded expectation particularly being unwaveringly helpful, reliable and having the necessary information at their fingertips.

Since my initial contact I have been impressed with the professionalism of The Headstart Group and their expertise in the  eld of education. They have done an excellent job of matching the School/College’s needs to my professional capabilities and aspirations and the team have created opportunities for all stakeholders to thrive in the working relationship. I can say Headstart has exceeded expectation particularly being unwaveringly helpful, reliable and having the necessary information at their fingertips as and when requested without delay.

The pre-interview information was impressive and interview technique helped me secure employment. Similarly, the detailed itinerary necessary to complete paperwork for the visa and sourcing accommodation for me. All this has meant that I have quickly and happily been able to settle in to the role from overseas without a hitch. Many thanks Headstart.

Clare Bateman
Clare Bateman
‘Headstart provides varied opportunities to experience working in a school environment. The company also offers training and continued support both personally and professionally, which as an employee is greatly valued.’
Tina Lunde-Pickover
‘Headstart has always helped me be certain that I have a great place to work each year, and helps with any possible issues with schools. These are essentials for contract teachers, as without them it is extremely difficult to teach in Hong Kong.’
Aaron McGill
‘I’ve been with Headstart as a full-time NET since 2013. Since then I have always received sincere support from all the staff.’
Sandy Wright
‘A positive and supportive work environment. The staff are helpful and genuinely care about their employees. That’s something that is very rare in Hong Kong.’
Matthew Kavanagh

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