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Headstart Group is currently recruiting passionate and enthusiastic individuals to join its 740-member strong teaching community. Working at Headstart Group will be an excellent opportunity for you to learn about the HK education system, to enrich the depth and breadth of your teaching experience and to strengthen your skills and credentials as a teaching professional.

At Headstart, we believe ‘a company is as good as its people’ and thus it strives to build a culture that is warm, inclusive and open, and in which staff feels valued, appreciated and supported.

Our NETs

“Headstart Group has been the most positive work environment I have ever had. They have been continually supportive, welcoming and have created a happy and friendly environment. They offer professional development and always strive for the best for themselves and their teachers.”

Matthew Kavanagh
NET Service (Full Time)

“The Education sector can be difficult at times, but collaborating with Headstart Group makes all the difference. Passion for student outcomes and for the industry underlie everything they do. Working with them continues to be a pleasure, and is a highlight of my professional career in Hong Kong.”

Andrew John Dyka
NET Service (Part Time)

“Headstart Group nurtures NETs to be the best they can be. I have opportunities to teach the simplest to the hardest programmes in my 5 years’ tenure so far. These programmes have deepened and broadened my teaching experience and have confirmed my belief that teaching is my dream job.”

Zhultara Banda
School Programmes

“Working for Headstart Group is a great way to enter the Hong Kong NET world whether you are just starting or have been teaching for a long time. The staff and teachers are enthusiastic go-getters who like to share knowledge with each other and their students. A supportive network of professionals and top notch teachers. I am proud to work at Headstart Group.”

Lee O’Neal
Teacher Training


  • Native English speaker

  • Degree holder + TEFL / TESOL / CELTA certificate or

  • Bachelor degree in Education

  • A valid passport

  • Excellent organisation skills

  • Enthusiastic, creative, open-minded and reliable

What you will do

What you will get*

  • Full Visa Sponsorship

  • Accommodation consultation

  • Overtime payment

  • Summer work bonus

  • Referral bonus

  • Comprehensive training programme

  • Competitive incremental salary increase

  • At least 3-week paid school holidays

  • At least 17-day paid public holidays

  • Sick leave

  • Orientation programme

  • Appraisals and career support

  • Social network connections and community participation prior to and post arrival in HK

  • Opportunity for career advancement to HKSAR native-speaking English teacher (NET) scheme

*Note: Job package details may vary and specific offering is subject to individual school contracts.


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Have a friend who wants to be a teacher as well?

“Feeling gratitude, and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
–William Arthur Ward

Thank you Headstart Teachers!! You have made Headstart what it is today: strong, well-regarded and a nice family to belong to.

We want more people like you to join us. Participate in the Teacher Referral Programme and make our family even stronger and bigger.

1. Only former and current Headstart teachers are entitled to this referral scheme.
2. The referred teacher must not already be in our database.
3. The referred teacher must pass the face-to-face interview with Headstart and be assigned a complete project*.
4. The reward of HK$1,000 will be paid once only.
5. Prior to referral, a Headstart teacher must obtain the permission from the referred teacher.
6. The referred teacher must provide details of his/her referee on the application form or during the interview for validation.
7. When 2 or more people have referred the same teacher, the first referee qualifies for the reward.
8. A Headstart teacher is eligible for the referral reward as soon as the referred teacher has completed a project with good performance**.
9. If the referred teacher is placed by Headstart at a school for a full-time position, the reward will be given as soon as the referred teacher has completed 2 months’ work.
10. In the unlikely event of a dispute arising from the referral scheme, Headstart will conduct a thorough investigation and its decision shall be final.

*A complete project refers to a new project commencing from Lesson 1.
**Requisites for good performance include: being punctual, attending all lessons as scheduled without any absences (including but not limited to sick leave, advanced leave or absenteeism), preparing for lessons thoroughly, and completing the programme with good feedback from the client.

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