Headstart NET at Educational Institutions

Beginning 2018, we have extended our service and expertise to support educational institutions in Hong Kong.

We know that we share the same ideals of helping Hong Kong’s students to excel and to reach their fullest potential in life.Therefore, we endeavor to help you build a successful and sustainable business that can withstand fierce competition and grow according to your strategic plan.

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To Learn more about our NET Recruitment Service for educational institutions:
NET Recruitment Service for Educational Institutions

NET Recruitment Service for Educational Institutions

NET Recruitment System

Our UK office works very closely with Hong Kong’s Teacher Recruitment and Allocation Department to employ suitable applicants to join our network of NETs.

Initial screening and interview

Initial screening entails careful vetting of curriculum vitaes.

We shortlist individuals who have the appropriate qualification, relevant teaching experience; have shown consistent and positive work habit.

Interviews will be conducted either with our offices in the UK or Hong Kong. All candidates need to perform a written test in the interview. We take great length to assess candidates’ sense of responsibility, passion for teaching and level of positive energy.

Preparation for School Interview and Selection

Based upon the educational institutions’ requirement, potential teachers will be given detailed information on the roles and expectations of the position. He/she will also be fully informed of the institutions’ background and culture. Additional resources and support will then be provided to ensure the potential teachers are well equipped for the school’s stringent selection process.

Visa and SCRC Application


All Headstart teachers possess the required legal status to work in Hong Kong. We assist teachers in the visa application as well as the Sexual Conviction Record Check (SCRC) processes to ensure that they are smooth and time-efficient.

Optional Service

Quality Management Department is responsible for managing the performance of the NET team. We adopt a management system “NET Performance Management System” which encompasses the steps of orientation and training, ongoing performance monitoring, and Care and Share.
Orientation and Training


Educational Institution Briefing & Orientation
Appropriate briefing and orientation is a crucial part of NET recruitment. Once candidates pass the stringent recruitment process and visa application is in progress, they will start receiving orientation and training.Our orientation and training is done through internet conferencing. All Headstart NETs employed from overseas will go through the following topics:
Continuous Training
Continuous training is an important part of our NET Performance Management System. Headstart NETs are invited to join the free monthly training so that their teaching skills are constantly upgraded and enhanced.
  • STEM for Young Learners
  • Teaching Drama
  • Games & Activities to Teach
  • Phonics (Jolly Phonics)
  • Classroom Management
  • Cambridge English (YLE) & Trinity GESE
  • Summer Bridging/Course Preview
  • Phonics (Letterland & Waterford)
  • Lesson Planning & Teaching Materials
  • Extra-curricular Activities
  • HK Speech Festival

At Headstart Group, we sincerely care for each member of our NET team. On a regular basis, we organise gatherings, parties and events through which we develop camaraderie and friendship.

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NET Statistics

Number of NETs in service
% of NETs who have a bachelor or higher degree
% of NETs who have additional qualifications

Key Terms of Service

The key terms of service are:

  • A one-off introduction fee as a % of the annual income of the NET.
  • There will be no charge to the NET.
  • Introduction fee will be invoiced on the NET’s 1st day of work.
  • If the NET leaves the post within 6 weeks of employment, Headstart Group will at no charge endeavor to provide a replacement NET.
  • In the circumstance that a replacement cannot be found within 8 weeks, 50% of the introduction fee will be refunded.

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