Our Teacher Recruitment and Allocation Department has close connection with career centres of universities from major English speaking countries. We source, screen and select the most suitable NETs to join our schools.


NET Recruitment and Management Service 2021-2022
外籍英語老師招聘及管理服務 2021-2022

We fully understand that highly qualified, responsible, energetic and caring NETs are important to any school. Our Teacher Recruitment and Allocation Department and Quality Management Department bear the responsibility to build the best NET team to serve our schools and our students.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online teaching has become an alternative to classroom lessons. Our Quality Management Department has developed a teacher development programme for online teaching to make sure our NETs are fully trained and prepared to teach on line so that student learning will not be compromised.


由於新冠肺炎流行傳播,線上教學已成為面授課堂的替代方法。 我們的質量監管團隊為外藉英語老師制定了線上教學的培訓方案,令他們接受充足的培訓以進行線上教學確保教學質素。

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