Our Team

Educational Services Department


We serve our schools with all our heart. We listen to your needs and your concerns and we promise that together we can achieve what you intend for your students.

Teacher Recruitment and Allocation Department


We are single-minded in our pursuit of excellence for our teachers. We never give ourselves any excuse for not giving the best to our schools.

Quality Management Division

Quality Management Department


We believe the true measure of our success lies in the trusted relationship we share with our schools, the care and love with which we embrace our students and the quality and quantity of our team of NETs.

Product Department


We are the source of intelligence and knowledge. We strive to always walk before everybody else and know more than anyone else so that we can raise the bar for our schools.

Marketing Department


We proudly present Headstart to the school community so everyone knows who we are, what we do and why they should trust us and use our services.

Human Resources and Finance Department


We organise the company and make things happen for our colleagues so everyone can complete their tasks and reach our goals to the highest standard.