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PEEGS Data Collection Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to collect your initiatives and thoughts on applying the grant.
Please fill in carefully. Thank you.

When will your school apply the PEEGS?
2nd round (November 2017)3rd round (November 2018)4th round (November 2019)We have applied the 1st roundWe have not decided yet

What does your school want to achieve through the use of this grant?

What are the target grades your school would like to apply the grant for?
P.1P.2P.3P.4P.5P.6We have not decided yet

Under PEEGS, there are some focus(es) of usage of the grant on school-based English Language Curriculum. Please tick the way of usage(s) your school want to implement as below and fill in the corresponding details.

Conducting English language activities

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What are the preference on English language activities?
Project-based programmeReading across curriculum workshopouting activitiese-learning related activitiesOthers (please specify)

What are the preferred themes and topics for those English Language activities?

What is the expected budget (HK$) for English activities?
$15,000~$24,999$25,000~$34,999$35,000~$44,999$45,000~$54,999$55,000 or above


Employing full time or part time teacher

[group group-4]

How are you going to employ the teacher?

Full time

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(e.g. 10 months)

Budget (HK$):

per month


Part time

[group group-8]

Work time:

hours per week

Preferred days of week:

Budget (HK$):



Employing teaching assistant

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Budget (HK$):


Purchasing learning/teaching resources

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Budget (HK$):



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