Teaching Assistants

It is an interesting position being a teaching assistant at Headstart Group. I enjoy being a partner of the NETs in the classroom. Seeing how students learn and absorb knowledge is most enjoyable and motivational. My experience at Headstart Group has inspired me to seriously consider entering the education field.

Stephanie Cheung
Teaching Assistant

As a teaching assistant, I have gained valuable experience working with primary and secondary school students. Last year, I worked on a five-day summer programme in a secondary school. I stayed with the same NET and the same class of S.1 students for all five days. We developed a positive and strong relationship. I still missed them today. I intend to continue to be a teaching assistant at Headstart Group. I enjoy every moment of it.

Tommy Wong
Teaching Assistant


  • Good communication skills, especially in English

  • Detailed-minded and well-organized

  • Mature with good work attitude

What you will do

What you will get

  • Comprehensive orientation and training

  • Working experience in school environment

  • Connection to educator community

  • Flexible working hours

  • Diverse working locations